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rickholly.com - The Peeing Boy Fountain

We are happy to announce our newest fountain, the Peeing Boy Fountain.

WOW, what a great way to make a little-bit-country statement at your next backyard barbeque or party with the Peeing Boy. Your family and friends will be mesmerize with the relaxing sounds of the Peeing Boy. Add a few live or plastic aquatic plants like lily pads, lotus leaves, and lotus flowers, and you instantly have a personal backyard little-bit-country pond. You can dress up the Peeing Boy with a straw hat to enhance his country attire. The height of the Countyline fountain is 12 inches tall, the width is 24 inches wide, and the length of the fountain is 48 inches long. The fountain is fun to assemble. And like all of our fountains, just add water, plug it in, and have a relaxing Peeing Boy yee-hew time.

Add a few live or plastic aquatic plants and animals!


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