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rickholly.com - The Paradise Fountain

This is our most popular ceramic fountain, the Paradise Fountain.

If you want to make a dramatic statement to your walkway's entrance to your front door or back porch/deck, this is the fountain for you. The larger diameter of the fountain adds to the bubbly amplified sounds of the water flowing out of the water spout and splashing on the rocks. And like all of our water fountains, it offers the listener a relaxing, bubbling sounds that will quickly de-stress you after a busy day. The height of the fountain to the rim is 21 inches tall, and the diameter of the fountain is 15 1/2 inches wide. All the colorful, natural rocks were inspected and handpicked at the rock quarry and cleaned. Just like all of our fountains, they assemble in  minutes. Just add water, plug it in, and relax.

Due to the fountain being ceramic, we cannot hide the pump's cord by drilling a hole at the bottom of the fountain. However, the cord is hidden by the rocks and is not that noticeable. See the yellow arrow in the cat picture. Currently, it comes in two colors.


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