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This is our most affordable and popular fountain, the Porch Fountain. It is also our #1 gifted fountain. What a great fountain for you, a family member, and/or a friend's porch or deck. It can even be placed in a sunroom to enjoy all year long. WOW, the relaxing, bubbling sounds will quickly de-stress you after a busy day, but watch out, you may find yourself dozing off to its tranquil, bubbly sounds. Sitting by this fountain is a great way to enhance the reading of your favorite book. It's just the right size! The height of the fountain to the rim is 21 inches tall, and the diameter of the fountain is 15 1/2 inches wide. The fountain won't crack, chip, or fade. It is made with 30% recycled material. All the colorful, natural rocks were inspected and handpicked at the rock quarry and cleaned by Rick. The fountain assembles in  minutes. Just add water, plug it in, and relax.

Click on the picture to see the different colors we offer. However, not all colors may currently be in stock.


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