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Holly Internet Publishing - Personal & Professional Email Accounts

Thank you for your interest in a personal or professional email address. An email address you will NOT have to change for the rest of your life! No longer will you have the annoying yourname123@yourinternetprovider.com! Step up from your generic email address. Yahoo!®, Gmail™, Hotmail®  and your local Internet provider email addresses are free, but they don't have you@yourname.com! As a professional, your name is your brand. There's no reason your email address should include someone else's brand. Design your custom personal or professional email address. It can be anything that highlights your name or one special quality about you. Reveal a more professional image, for example, barbara@barbarasbagels.com or you@yourname.com!

Check your email account anytime, anywhere. No new software is needed. Easily works with email you already use, like Outlook®. Simplify your communication by interconnecting your Web-based email.

Personal and professional email addresses for individuals and small businesses. You get the email functionality you want at a price you'll love. It's a personal email address that reinforces your brand, enhances your professional image, and makes it easy for clients and prospects to remember and pass along.

This instant online credibility creates a positive first impression, which is critical online. With your personal or professional email account, you can make sure your personal or professional email address is sending a professional message - something free email providers like Yahoo!®, Gmail™, Hotmail®  and your local Internet provider aren't likely to convey.

Your ad-free email account can be accessed from anywhere, on any computer or cell phone with internet access; and includes:
• 1GB (1,000MB) to unlimited storage depending on email plan
• Webmail - access your email account using your internet browser
• POP3 email - access your email using Outlook Express, Outlook, or other email client
• Cell phone - functions if your cell phone has internet capability
• Virus Protection
• Spam Protection
• Phishing Fraud Protection
• Email Forwarding
• AutoResponder
• Email Forwarding Addresses
• No ads!
• Online Calendar to keep track of activities, events and important dates
• And More!

What a great gift to give your son, daughter, and grandchildren! Their own personal email addresses for their lives. We even park (hold) their email address until they are ready to use it. What a great edge to give your young family members in our ever increasingly competitive world! Let their names make the FIRST positive statement to their future colleges, universities, and employers. There could not be a better wedding gift, as two young people start their lives together.

You will love that you will not have to explain what your email address means ever again. YOUR name is YOUR address. That is so easy to remember! No abc or 123 added to it. You can improve your email address without changing how you manage your email.

Here is my email address, rickholly@rickholly.com. It is both personal and professional. I love it. I will never have to get a new email address! All of my family members have their own personal and professional email addresses. And they love them, too!

Do you have questions? Then email me, rickholly@rickholly.com. I hope to hear from you today.

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